06.07.2011 - Auto Alliance
Automakers are giving consumers more fuel-efficient choices than ever before

05.25.2011 - U.S. Energy Information Administration
Government experts project that higher vehicle prices from a 6% annual increase in fuel economy standards could result in a 14 percent auto sales decline.

05.06.2011 - Consumer Reports
Americans want better fuel efficiency–but don’t want to pay extra for it.

04.28.2011 - Indiana University
Consumer demand for plug-in electric vehicles is quite uncertain.

04.28.2011 - Honeywell
Turbocharging will double in the next five years.

04.28.2011 - Experian
Fuel prices have little long-term effect on car buys.

04.28.2011 - J.D. Power
Green vehicle market will not grow quickly without some help.

04.28.2011 - Harvard Kennedy School
Reducing oil consumption is harder than it looks.

04.28.2011 - National Academy of Sciences
New technologies can result in significant fuel savings for passenger vehicles, but at higher purchase prices for consumers.

04.28.2011 - IBM
Electric cars stir interest but face obstacles.

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